Eliminate the Pain of an Unwanted Tattoo

Turn to us for tattoo removal services in Lufkin, TX

Your tattoo probably seemed like a good idea when you got it. But if you regret getting your ink, Yap & Zap has you covered. We offer professional tattoo removal services in Lufkin, TX and the surrounding area. Our company is mobile-based and can provide our service in the comfort of your home. Removing a tattoo can be lengthy and painful, so we use numbing cream to make it a more comfortable experience.

We also offer tattoo supplies for sale. Make us your go-to company when you need piercing or tattoo supplies delivered to your shop.

Call 936-707-0001 to learn more. We accept cash, credit cards, Venmo and Cash App.

Remove any tattoo with confidence

Our professional tattoo removal specialist can easily remove tattoos of any style. We have experience with:

  • Fine line tattoos
  • Color tattoos
  • Black and white tattoos
  • Grayscale tattoos
  • Prison ink
We use professional laser equipment for all tattoo removal services. Reach out to request a free estimate today.

What makes Yap & Zap stand out?

Tattoo mistakes don't have to be forever. Yap & Zap offers mobile tattoo removal services for the tattoos you no longer love. We're preferred throughout the area because we:

Guarantee results

Offer mobile services

Use top-of-the-line laser equipment

Prioritize safety

Are locally owned and operated

We're certified for tattoo removal in Texas. Contact us today to book an appointment with our friendly removal specialist.